Spring Lawn Care

Can you believe it?  Spring is around the corner in Airdrie, you may be asking where to start with spring clean-up and lawn preparation. Rocky View Yards is here to serve you and help you with all your spring landscaping needs.
Rocky View Yards recommends the following early spring landscaping and lawn preparation jobs:

  • Aerate your lawn to give your lawn a kick start. This will allow for the nutrients, oxygen and water to get down to the roots and to break up any compaction.
  • Dethatch (power rake) your lawn. Getting rid of all the dead grass allows for a healthier lawn. Take a minute to read our short article highlighting the benefits of dethatching your lawn.
  • Put down a light, early spring lawn fertilizer. Not only does this feed your lawn, it inhibits weeds from getting a foothold and flourishing.
  • Overseed dead patches of lawn from foot traffic, pets or winter kill.
  • Give your lawn its first haircut & trim. Not too short, but just enough to allow for growth from the roots.
  • Blow out leaves and dead matter from flower beds. Also, prepare your soil for planting annuals or perennials in the coming weeks.

Rocky View Yards specializes in professional Spring Clean-up for your lawn & yard in Airdrie. Once your lawn is cleaned up and ready to flourish this summer, how about letting Rocky View Yards take care of the worry of weekly lawn maintenance, include trimming / mowing, regular fertilization and edging? Give us a call or make an enquiry and let us know how we can meet your spring lawn care or summer lawn maintenance needs.

For further information on spring and regular lawn care, take a look at these Basic Lawn Care Tips from HGTV.

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