Spring is around the corner in Airdrie.  People ask, “what should I do to help my lawn flourish this spring?”  Two of the most important tasks to ensure a lush, green and flourishing lawn are dethatching (also called power raking) and aerating.  We’ve already shared about the benefits of aerating.  But what are the benefits of dethatching?

Dethatching is the process of pulling up any dead grass / thatch that may have accumulated in your lawn over the winter.  What will dethatching do for the overall health of your lawn?

Dead grass / thatching that is lightly blocking nutrients from getting to the roots of your lawn is removed.  This results in nutrients needed for healthy lawns getting down to the grass roots and producing a beautiful, lush, flourishing lawn in the summer.

Air is better able to circulate in and around the grass plants allowing for lusher, healthier lawns.

Sunlight is not blocked from reaching the healthy grass leaves, allowing the lawn to fully benefit from photosynthesis.

Water that may just run-off the lawn will be able to better absorb down to the roots of the lawn, increasing its health and strength.

Infestation of pests / bugs is significantly eliminated or even eradicated by dethatching.  Pests tend to like to build their nests in dead grass / thatch, not an alive, healthy lawn.

Grass diseases like summer patch and leaf spot are reduced through dethatching.

So, this spring, why don’t you consider giving your lawn a great start by dethatching and aerating it?  Give Rocky View Yards a call.  You can expect capable and prompt service from our teams using high quality, professional grade dethatchers / power rakes and aerators.

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